The 43rd Aviation Flying Club is a non-profit corporation which was established in 1962. The club is based at Brainard Airport (KHFD) in Hartford, Connecticut.  Over the years, the club has owned and operated several aircraft for the enjoyment of its members. The club has a diverse membership with a wide range of aviation experience from low-time weekend pilots, to seasoned ATPs with thousands of hours.

Benefits enjoyed by members of the 43rd Aviation:

  • Flight hours are charged by tach time - not Hobbs time
  • There are no minimums on daily or weekend reservations
  • Flight Circle is used as our online reservation system
  • Each member is allowed up to a two week reservation for a vacation once each year with no minimum hours.
  • Advance online reservations allow for planning special events or trips.
  • Airplanes are fully IFR equipped.
  • Fuel arrangements, reservation assistance, and other services by our local FBO Hartford Jet Center make for convenient access to the airplanes.
  • Each member is a named insured on the policy provided by the club.
  • Monthly meetings are held where we cover safety topics and discuss club business
  • Minutes of each meeting are sent to the members house via our online reservation system
  • Reminder notices are sent to individual members when their medicals or biennial flight reviews are coming due.
  • Members enjoy the camaraderie of friends who love flying and share their experiences.
  • Monthly dues float based on insurance costs, tie-down and number of members in the club